As a well-established industry leader, we endeavour to make security and risk management services accessible to all.


We facilitate resilient business operations worldwide by providing stability in volatile environments. Our experts take all the security worries off your shoulders and leave you to focus on the things you do best.


Using the latest techniques and technologies, we safeguard individuals, families and residences by delivering private high-level security services tailored to your exact needs.


With piracy and armed robbery on the rise in many regions, we provide a comprehensive range of maritime services to ensure the security of shipping operations and the safety of all those on board.


We deliver British-accredited training in various aspects of security and medicine. This ensures private individuals or company employees have the necessary knowledge, skills and certification to operate.

Drone Security & Surveillance

With new threats emerging, we keep organisations within Maritime and Oil & Gas sectors secure. This is enabled by our new cost-efficient technology that can withstand extreme weather conditions and monitor large parameters on-land and at sea. We also offer maritime drone training courses.

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